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Your Dogs all inclusive stay includes:


Breakfast served at 6:00-8:00 am and dinner served at 4:00-6:00 pm.
  • Special feedings can be arranged to meet your dogs needs.
  • Serving: Dry Lamb and Rice: Dog food that is gentle on the stomach and intestines topped with Honest Kitchen Beef human grade food.
  • Or....Bring your dog's food and we'll serve it.


  • Treats Include an assortment of high quality, made and sourced in the USA treats.
  • Owner Treats: Bring your own special treats and we'll serve them.

Potty Breaks & Exercise-Play Time

  • Twice a day your dog will be given two personal potty breaks. Your dog(s) will be taken out into one of our play areas where they can run, stretch and relieve themselves
  • At NO time will your dog(s) be with other dogs staying at the kennel, unless the other dog is from the same household/family and is requested by the owner.


  • Pills, powders, creams - if you bring them and directions we will administer them.
  • Sorry, but we do not do injections at this time.

Multiple Dog Discount

  • 1st dog full price
  • 2nd dog 15% off
  • 3rd dog 15% off etc.....

Grooming/Boarding Discounts

  • Dogs boarding 5 or more nights receive $5.00 off of full grooming services or bath and brush.
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